Cash4Minutes – Turn Your Unwanted Phone Minutes Into BTC

Cash4Minutes – If your telephone plan gives you free minutes then don’t waste them, earn from them. Get $0.06 every minute, Cash4minutes provides a way to turn unwanted landline and mobile minutes into cash.


I love Rinboo telephony service! It allows you to make low-cost international calls from any phone. Start saving up to 95% on all your international phone calls! Check them out and get 5% Additional Credit on your first purchase!

Very good way to make some pocket money quickly.

•The principle is after registration call numbers to listen to radio streams, numbers are located in Poland, Finland etc.
•Check before a call if the destination is included in your package with unlimited(personally I’m at orange and almost all proposed destination are included in the mine).

It’s been over 6 months since I used their services and I have paid almost every day (I call the landline and the application sip orange so I’m twice as fast).

Payment are quick few minutes a few hours (I’ve never had a payment that is made? Beyond 24 hours after the request).

Once registered you must:
•Go to ” setting” then put your phone number is for the system identifies you and you are charged points. 1 point = 1 approximately GBP 1.25 euros.
•Select a destination and then you can get the numbers to call
•Dial a number, the greeting you will have the choice between 9 radio hit any key from 1 to 3 and then left running, come back from time to time to see if the communication did not cut (about 1:45 in general).

You can almost follow the points earned within minutes of a call.



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