Review – Earn Bitcoins Fast in just Seconds! No Investment Needed

You will receive ads through out the day each ad is paid in satoshis, ads timer vary between 10 seconds to 60 seconds the longer the ad last the better the reward. has a level system of 1 to 3 levels, when you register you begin in level 1 now log in daily to view some ads so you can move up the levels is actually fast to reach level 3 the higher level we are in the bigger the rewards of every ad but if you don’t log in more than 24 hours you will go down a level but don’t worry start using your account again and level will go up again however to get the most out your ads always stay on level 3.


Which now is very easy to do since you can add the Bitter extension so you be noticed every moment you have ads available! Also you be noticed every time you have a new refferal. Referral commission are paid lifetime and the minimum withdrawal is 0.0001 satoshis to the bitcoin wallet of your choice. - Free bitcoin, bitcoin advertising, ptc

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